Sexy Bexy Shoes


According to an online urban dictionary Sexy Bexy means “better than sexy….

…Derived from the terms Becky and Sexy, it is used to describe an extremely attractive human being, usually with the birth name Rebecca. This term is not to be used lightly. The specified individual must illustrate pristine bodily features that go above and beyond even the strictest standards.”

This site is G rated and suitable for all audiences.

Of course there are other meanings that many can attribute to the name, but that is not what this site is about.

Hwayda KaterFor me the term has a different meaning. It was inspired by my mother who is an extremely religious person but very stylish at the same time. One day while relating a story to an elderly close relative she jokingly used that term to describe someone we knew. It seemed totally out of context coming from someone as religious as her that we all started to laugh hysterically. The term quickly became an inside joke in our family and we now use it to refer to everything or anyone we like or find attractive…sometimes in a funny kind of way.

With that definition in mind, what could be more Sexy Bexy than shoes. That is why this site is dedicated to all the shoe lovers out there. Here you will find sexy shoes styles addressing designs that work for different feet.

Most women love shoes, sometimes too much that we incur damage to our feet. It is important to take care of our feet no matter what size or shape they come in. To address this issue, a section on Sexy Feet has been added.

Sometimes no matter how hard you look, you just can’t find the right shoe that fits. Thankfully there are several options available now to help you design the perfect shoe…that is perfect for you. Check out the section on design your own shoes and get inspired to custom design your own shoes.

For quick inspiration, check out some of the options on our online store. These are handpicked styles that I find very sexy and classy at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this site and come back and visit often. Make sure to like Sexy Bexy on Facebook and follow the sexy boards on Pinterst.

Hwayda Kater